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Tube Mills

Yoder 3" x .12" Tube Mill



3" x .120 YODER with 20 Welded Tube Mill Line, with Clear Coating Capabilities, Tooled for: 1/2" to 2-1/2" Diameter and Structural Conduit Pipes. Consisting of: COOPER WEYMOUTH Double uncoiler 8,000 # per side, GUILD shear and end welder GUILD Model SL12, 12'D Horizontal Strip Accumulator, s/n IT-050701 YODER Mill with 7 Forming Stands, 3 Roll weld box THERMATOOL 200 KW (MFG in 2006) Solid State Welder Model #: CFU-2006480, In Line Galvanizing Gun with Washer by Thermach Inc. 3 Sizing Stands, Turkshead 2007 FUSION Model DRP-320 6 Lamp UV Pass Through Clear Coater System, s/n SC62273DRP ALPHA Swing Ram Cut Off Press, 2007 BROCK Solutions Digital Self Diagnosing Solid State Drives UNICO Digital Length Measuring System

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