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Tube Mills

Yoder 3" x .12" Tube Mill



3" x .120 YODER with 20 Welded Tube Mill Line, with Clear Coating Capabilities Tooled for: 1/2" to 2-1/2" Diameters, and structurals, and conduit pipes. Consisting of: LITTEL Uncoiler Double Uncoiler 6,000# per side, GUILD shear and end welder KENT vertical floop, Brush cleaner, YODER Mill, 7 Forming stands, 3 Roll Weldbox THERMATOOL VT- 150 Welder, 20' Galvanized Wire Weld Gun, Cooling Through, 4 Sizing Stands, In-Line Galvanizing Gun with Washer by Thermach Inc. FUSION clear coat coating systems, with UV dryer ALPHA swing ram cut off Press, Model ASR1254-41, run out table, 100 HP DC Forming, 75 HP DC Sizing.

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