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Paper Mills

Valmet-Black Clawson 5610 mm. Newsprint Mill



Basis weight range: 81 - 170gsm
Speed: 1722fpm (530m/min) at 81gsm.....975fpm (300m/min) at 170gsm.
Production: 230MTD - 500MTD at 170gsm.


Basis weight range: 45 - 57gsm.
Speed: 1982fpm (610m/min).
Production: 250 - 320MTD.


Headbox: Valmet- Hydraulic. All Stainless Steel. New 1989
Minimum flow: 11,230 GPM
Maximum flow: 16,840 GPM
Speed Range: Design speed 3500 FPM (1,067 m/min)


Black Clawson Top former. "Top Flyte S". Installed in 1985.
Installed for quality purpose requirements.
Cantileavered all stainless steel wet end.
13.7M (44' 10") Long breast roll to suction couch roll

Press Section
Valmet Combi-Press: 1st press suction pick up on granite roll; 400 PLI
2nd Press top rack on rubber roll; 700 PLI

Dryer Section

Complete Rebuild in 1996:
Silent drives-Gearless
Felt drives on all sections
(4) Sections of 1.5m (60") O.D. dryer cans (36 total) 150 psi, installed new in 1996.
Includes all new felt rolls, rope stretches, frames, rotary siphons, motors and hood.
(12) 60" O.D. dryers on first section 30 PSI
Pocket ventilation system
V.I.B moisture spray boom at dryer #35


Black Clawson 2 Roll Calender Stack (Frame can handle additional rolls)
Hunt & Moscrop Controlled Crown King roll
Valmet/Metso CD weight & Moisture system with upgrade in 1990's


Beloit Horizontal Track Reel 84" O.D. maximum


Beloit two drum winder 60" O.D. roll capacity. Rated (2000 MPM) 6000 FPM
New motors and upgrades in 2002.

Additional Comments
- Reliance DC drive system installed in 1989
- Upgrade to Automax system in 1990's. Complete sectional drive for 50/60 hz
- Provox Operator display screens
- All major spare rolls
- 25 Million dollar investment in 1989-1995
- Complete dryer section rebuild in 1996. Including steam condensate & thermo-compressors
- Nash complete vacuum system with CL9002, 904, 6002, & 3002 pumps
- Reported 22% moisture entering press section; 33% moisture exiting presses
- Complete (2) paper machine mill shut down. Machine is in very good operating condition.
- Machine capable of running printing and writing papers with the addition of size press.

PM #1 Spare Rolls
Wire return rolls 3
Press Felt Rolls 6
Dryer Felt Rolls 3
Reel Spool Shells 7
Top Flyte Return Roll 1
Top Flyte Forming Roll 1
Couch Roll 1
Forward Turning Roll 1
Pick Up Roll 1
First Press Granite 1
Second Press Granite 1
Second Press VentaNip 3

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